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Escape the Past
Novel, Dec 2001, 203 pp. ISBN: 193169687X For killing his owner, he is to be executed in the human and the hounds playful manner of the elite. Thus the hounds and their aristocratic owners pursue the condemned slave. Valerik's flight for life seems futile until he meets Madryn, who rescues him from certain death. However, though he has little choice, Valerik wonders who the mysterious woman is and if he has entered the fire after escaping the ...
Journey to Malmillard
Young Lord Erek has a problem. It seems he is a budding Adept and his powers are growing--and no one in his noble family is happy about that. Erek's new tutor, Magister Andru, has seen this situation before...and watched it end tragically for another of his students. Determined not to see it happen again, Andru endeavors to allow Erek's talents to develop properly under the guidance of Master Adepts at the Academy of Malmillard--but first they have to...