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The Elite - The Selection 2
America Singer is a seventeen year old girl who grew up in a caste system society, and when she has the opportunity to make a difference, she must decide if she wants a future as a princess, or if she wants to return home to a world familiar to her. When seventeen year old America Singer enters The Selection, a competition where 35 girls must compete for the love (and the hand) of Prince Maxon, she never expected to last as long as she did and become one...
The Selection
America lives in a caste-system society, and when her country's Prince comes of age, she is entered into the Selection with 34 other girls, all competing to become the Prince's wife. America Singer is eighteen years old, and a Five, the number of her caste in a futuristic society where The United States used to be. Her caste is the caste for artists, and she has chosen music as her special talent. The third oldest child, she still lives at home with her...