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A Taste of Reality
Avon, Mar 2004, 13.95 ISBN: 0060505672 In the Chicago area, Anise believes she lives the perfect yuppie life. She has a loving marriage to pharmaceutical executive David and a rewarding human resources job. However, when she is passed over for a promotion in her department by someone with much less experience and education then her, she begins to question her assessment of her life. Anise feels she is a victim of either racial or gender discri...
Casting the First Stone
A black family's marriage falls apart....
Changing Faces
Whitney, Charisse and Taylor are three African American woman who have been close friends for years. Whitney is a plus-sized woman who is desperately unhappy about the fact that she is 100 pounds overweight and unable to hold a romantic relationship down. To make matters worse, she has a terrible relationship with her mother and sister, both of whom subject Whitney to verbal abuse regarding her weight. Although Whitney is a professional woman with her...