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Ancient Ones
Bantam, May 2001, ISBN: 0553109146 Illegal fossil hunter Gorka Bilbao found the bones in the John Day Canyon. He turned it over to noted forensic anthropologist Dr. Thaddeus Ranking, who immediately gave it to the Core of Engineers. The University of California at Riverside tested a metacarpal bone and reported that the remains are over 14,000 years old, male, and Caucasian, destroying all the theories on early North American man. T...
Dance of the Thunder Dogs
Berkley, Nov 2004, 21.95, 368 pp. ISBN: 0425198367 BIA investigator Emmett Parker is home after thirteen years away solving tribal crimes. He is recuperating from a wound in his chest made from an axe during an Upstate new York case. Although being at home is an adjustment, his tribe is proud of his accomplishments and honors him at a pow wow attended by the president and his former lover Dagen Kirsch. They have a romantic encounter that makes...
Sky Woman Falling
Berkley, Nov 2003, 22.95, 352 pp. ISBN 0425191915 Comanche Emmett Parker was investigating a drive-by shooting on the San Sasinos Apache Reservation in Arizona when the attorney general's office ordered him to go to Syracuse. Modoc Indian Anna Turnipseed was working a case in Las Vegas when she was assigned to work with Emmett. The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the FBI agents have worked together in the past and always managed to solve their cas...