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A Better Father
Sam Catalono is a single dad and in a custody battle, so he buys a sports camp to provide a good living area for his son, when he runs into the woman he never managed to forget and life seems to bring them together. Sam Catalona is in the midst of a desperate custody battle with his son's maternal aunt. When his son, Casey's, mother died unexpectedly, he permitted the woman to watch him while he finished out the sports season. As a successful professiona...
Now You See Me
J.T. was a problem teenager who grew into a strong man but when he returns to the small town where he spent his adolescence, he is still disliked by everyone, until he meets Lydia and they expose their past and make a future together. J.T. Delaney was a kid who got in a lot of trouble as a kid and his final accusation, burning down a theme park that was the small town's primary source of income forced him to leave town. Now he has returned to Comeback Co...