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A Dangerous Road
This story takes place in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Smokey Dalton is an unlicensed private investigator . When Laura Hathaway, a young, Chicago heiress comes to his office he is drawn into a case that involves him personally. The woman's deceased mother has left him $10,000 in her will. Smokey has never seen nor heard of the woman's parents, but he wants to know why this is the second time he has received the same amount from an unknown source. While i...
Smoke Filled Rooms
By the fall of 1968, Smokey and Jimmy have settled in Chicago just in time for the Democratic National Convention. After the deaths of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy, this was considered the "year of assassinations," and the city of Chicago is tensed and primed to combat any whisper of rebellious schemes. The controversial Vietnam War, the Black Panthers, Hippies, and gang violence make Chicago a hotbed of covert and overt investigations. Now, someone is fol...
Stone Cribs
St. Martin's, Feb 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312287844 Christmas 1969 in Chicago, African-American private eye Smokey Dalton and preadolescent Jimmy, who can identify the killer of Martin Luther King Jr., continue to hide under aliases from those who want the lad dead. They pose as father and son Bill and Jimmy Grimshaw respectively. While Jimmy stays with some friends, Bill goes out with his wealthy white girlfriend Laura Hathaway. When B...
Thin Walls
St. Martin's, Sep 2002, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312287236 By Christmas 1968, private eye Smokey Dalton and his ten year old son Jimmy continue to hide in Chicago knowing that various law enforcement agencies at all levels of government and some nasty private citizens want to find them. Jimmy eye-witnessed the killing of MLK and it is not the guy confessing from a prison cell. Unable to tell who is friend from foe because a police uniform means no...

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