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First Rider's Call
Daw, August 2003, 24.95, 736 pp. ISBN 0756402093 The only magic left in the Kingdom of Sacoridia resides within the members of the King's elite messenger unit. Each person in the Green Rider troop manifests magic in a different way. However, the magic is no longer reliable because of the crack in the D'yer Wall, designed to keep the evil essence of Mornhavon contained. Wild magic seeps through the opening, turning some people to stone and maki...
Green Rider
After disgracing a noble's son by beating him in a duel, Karigan G'ladheon runs away from her school. On her way to her hometown, she comes upon a dying man. This man is one of the King's Green Riders, messangers with mysterious powers who deliver the most urgent of news. The man makes her swear to deliver his message, warning her of the one who killed him, the "shadow man." Clothed in the man's messanger cloak and riding his horse, Karigan races her way...