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Promise Of Gold
Bantam, Apr 2002, 5.99, 385 pp. ISBN: 0553584154 In 1898 Havana, archeologist Viscount Derek Carlise visits the home of wealthy Don Geraldo de Vargas. Derek is not making a social call though he employs the full diplomacy of the English aristocratic class to hide his real mission. Derek plans to steal a journal that contains information on sunken treasure if he cannot purchase the item from the money strapped Don, struggling with the Americ...
Touched By Gold
Bantam, Jan 2001, 5.99, 375 pp. ISBN: 0553579665 In 1897 just outside Mexico City, archeologist Elysia Carlisle, works alone because men refuse to accept a woman of science. Currently, she is carefully excavating an Aztec burial site. Ellie shares every artifact she finds with her fiancÚ Viscount Peter Wentworth except for the talisman she took off the remains of a priest. Peter, claiming he needs the return on his investment, steals every...