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Catherine: The Great Journey
It is 1743, and fourteen-year-old Sophie is a princess of Anhalt-Zerbst in Prussia. Sophie's father is not royalty, and her cruel mother, Princess Johanna Elizabeth, is obsessed with improving her own status through her daughter's marriage. To that end, she is determined to do everything possible in order to get Sophie chosen by Empress Elizabeth of Russia to marry her nephew Peter, heir to the throne. Soon, Sophie and her mother must travel to Russia in...
Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine
Fourteen-year-old Eleanor is the oldest daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, one of the most powerful men in France in 1136. Her father's only legitimate son died as a young child, leaving Eleanor, the oldest of his two daughters, next in line to inherit his lands, which are larger than those controlled by the King of France. Eleanor knows that because of her position, she will be married off in a strategic alliance. But what she would like is to marry for...
Seeds of Hope
It is January, 1849. Fourteen-year-old Susanna Fairchild, her father, and her sixteen-year-old sister Clara are on board a ship, almost to the end of their long sea voyage from New York to Oregon, when they hear news of a gold strike in California. Susanna's desperate father, grieving after the death of his wife and nearly penniless after losing all his money, abandons his plan of establishing a medical practice in Oregon and decides to mine for gold in ...
The Winter of Red Snow
Abigail Jane Stweart is a young girl living at Valley Forge at the onset of the American Revolution. She doesn't really know what valor is, or what it has to do with her life. She has lived a comfortable lifesyle all her life. This all changes, however, when General Washington and his troops decide to set up training at her town. She learns that war is brutal and that she must sacrifice to help the American army....

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