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Free Fall
Suspended FBI agent Mark Beamon is hunting for the killer of Tristan Newberry, a recent government hire working in an obscure Dept. of Agriculture archival warehouse sorting declassified documents. The authorities say the murderer is Darby Moore, a twenty seven-year old world-class rock climber who was Newberry's best friend and it was she that hacked him to death with an ice axe. Beamon working outside his normal capacity with the Bureau is being paid...
Rising Phoenix
Kyle Mills novel, Rising Phoenix, introduces misfit FBI partners agent Mark Beamon and agent John Hobart. Beamon has an authority complex but is a talented investigator. Hobart is psychotic and has no conscience. Their careers take divergent paths until twelve years later, due to a deadly poisoned drug epidemic, they are fated to become reacquainted once again, this time on opposite sides of the law. Beamon is still with the bureau while Hobart is th...
Smoke Screen
Putnam, Sep 2003, 24.95 ISBN: 0399150986 CEO Paul Trainer of the tobacco giant Terra Holding Corporation knows his gigantic business is in trouble due to a law suit they will probably lose in Montana. He decides he needs an idiotic spokesperson so he turns to employee Trevor Barnett, whose job comes from an ancestor who was an industry giant and left him a trust fund that requires he work for the firm. Relying on the Peter Principle, Paul promo...
Sphere Of Influence
Putnam, Oct 2002, 24.95, 432 pp. ISBN 0399149341 The CIA is supporting Al Quaeda in its bid to take over the heroin trade in the Golden Crescent. It's leader Mustafa intends that the money brought in by the sale of heroin in the United States will be used to buy weapons to be used against the people of America. The CIA believes that Yasin's methods would interrupt the drug supply and allow the Asians to become the new supplier to the US, theref...

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