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Baby, Baby
Kensington, Aug 2002, 6.50. 320 pp. ISBN: 0821769391 Straight to video movie queen Tatiana Fox knew her marriage was not going well, but is stunned when her spouse Kerr informs her he is divorcing her because he is gay. While he seeks the real Kerr and moves in with his male lover, her husband tells Tatiana that she has full custody of their twin babies, Ethan and Everson. Timing is everyone in the movie industry as Tatiana learns as she audi...
Fly Me To The Moon
Zebra, May 2001, 6.50, 320 pp. ISBN: 0821768093 Joseph Cardinella feels three's the charm as he plays matchmaker between his Mafia family and another, similar to the way royalty used to do so in Europe. However, his youngest daughter Sofia proves him wrong as she leaves Vincent Scalia at the alter while the Wedding March drones on and on. Instead Sofia is listening and watching singer Ben Estes perform like a mall-Sinatra. Sofia decid...