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Conan The Swordsman
, Lin Carter, Bjorn Nyberg Tor, Dec 2002, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0765300699 CONAN THE SWORDSMAN, the latest reprint of the now legendary 1970s-1980s Conan revival, is a marvelous short story collection. Each story holds its own with the overall Conan mythos and most add depth to the celebrated character and his world. The delightful eight stories are well written with each tale co-authored by L. Sprague de Camp (had to be a Howard clone) with eith...
Lest Darkness Fall
This classic novel pits Martin Padway, a twentieth-century archaeologist inexplicably removed to 535 AD, against the Byzantine military, fierce Gothic warriors, and a generally superstitious society. This is a critical period of time; in our time line, the Byzantines and Goths fought each other to exhaustion over ownership of Italy, and it is this that Padway is trying against hope to change....
The Complete Compleat Enchanter
Harold Shea, a psychologist bored with his job and his life, hears his boss lecturing on the possibility of travel to other realities - book realities - and decides to go for it. In a series of extremely funny adventures (originally separate novels but now all collected into this book), he goes to places like the universe of the Faerie Queene, ancient Irelend, Finland, and Xanadu. ...