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Conan the Buccaneer
Conan is in his forties and works as a privateer for the King of Zingara, committing acts of piracy under the guise of naval warfare. When an old friend is murdered, a treacherous Duke plots to steal the throne, and the King's daughter, Princess Chabela, is kidnaped Conan answers the call to adventure and sets off for the Nameless Isle. Always a step behind the Duke's henchmen, Black Zarono the pirate and Menkara, a priest of the serpent god Set, Conan ...
Conan the Liberator
Tor, Jun 2002, 24.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0765300702 A fortyish Conan leads an army trying to overthrow the maniacal tyranny of king Numedides of Aquilonia. Conan believes his rebel force has a great chance of defeating the king's forces led by General Procas and consequently expects to topple a monarch who abuses children and kills concubines on some of mad whim. Conan and his advisors anticipate and plan a war they expect fought in which blade go...