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Caretaker - Star Trek Voyager
The USS Voyager and a rebel Maquis ship get swept across the galaxy by an all powerful "Caretaker." The Caretaker has been "caring" for a race of childlike creatures, the Ocampa, for hundreds of years now, and he is now dying. He is looking for a replacement. In the end, Captain Janeway and the crew decide to destroy the Caretaker's array in order to save the ocampa rather than return home. The story is told from rotating points of view, however ofte...
Time's Enemy
Commander Sisko, Jadzia–Dax, and Doctor Julian Bashir are summoned by Star Fleet to examine material recovered from an intercepted block of space-debris. This turns out to be the remains of the Defiant and her crew. But from thousands of years in the past. In a race against time, Sisko and his colleagues have to figure out what happened to the Defiant, and stop the event from happening. ...