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Bait and Switch
Signet, Jul 2004, 7.99, 400 pp. ISBN: 0451212479 Los Angeles based Wolfgang Schmitt could not handle the advertising meeting that made Chiclets gum the center of the universe. All he could think of was his mom using Chiclets to hide her cigarette odor from her mouth and to Wolfgang they tasted like chlorophyll. He suggest to the twenty-something grave like MBA's heading the round table negotiations that one of them needed to get a life. Bi...
Pressure Points
Onyx, Dec 2001, 6.99, 464 pp. ISBN: 0451410012 In Seattle's very creative and highly sought after Wright and Wong advertising agency, three high level executives are unhappy. Finance Officer/Controller Mark Johnson, Corporate Creative Director Pamela Wiley, and Vice President of Client Services Brad Teeters realize they made CEO Wong a multimillionaire, but they remain stuck in a middle class lifestyle and income. The trio unites to is...
Serpent's Dance
Signet, Feb 2003, 6.99, 451 pp. ISBN: 0451207955 Sisters Bernie and Peggy Kane remain very close in spite of distance and the fact that Peggy married a loser. Thus, when Peggy's father-in-law calls to inform Bernie that her younger sister committed suicide she cannot believe it, Bernie knows that her sibling seemed happy with an upcoming divorce and an affair with computer CEO Wesley and his airplane. When the police decide it is suicide due ...