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Fallen From Grace
Five Star, July 2003, 26.95, 386 pp. ISBN: 0786247088 Mystery award winning author Sara Diamond cannot believe her career seems over at thirty-five as her publishing company has dumped her for lack of sales growth. Steady reasonable profit means nothing in this industry. To save money, she sells her house and takes an apartment in nearby San Francisco. Her new neighbor Ryan Kinsmore is a hunk ten years her junior, but both are attracted to o...
Fever Dreams
Five Stars, Jun 2004, 26.95, 347 pp. ISBN: 1594140871 Patrician Madeleine Barrington has been visiting politically unstable Montedora selling off her family plantation, but now is trying to leave the country. However, her flight is canceled so she has one more night to spend in Montedora City. Having completed his assignment for Marino Security International to improve security for the Montedora president, Ransom looks forward to going home t...