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Killer Blonde
Kensington, Jul 2004, 22.00, 234 pp. ISBN: 0758201621 Though she would prefer to say no to Beverly Hills socialite SueEllen Kingsley, writer Jaine Austen needs the money so that she and Prozac the cat can eat in the style that Ben & Jerry recommend. She knows if offered she will ghostwrite an insipid mess. Before meeting SueEllen, Jaine meets her client's stepdaughter fifteen years old overweight Heidi, who warns her that within a week she wil...
Last Writes
Kensington, July 2003, 22.00, 241 pp. ISBN 0758201605 Writer Jaine Austen has spent years writing resumes and brochures waiting for her big break and she finally thinks she has it when she is asked to be a ghost writer for the new television show “Muffy and Me”. It is a teen-age sitcom about a girl who gets knocked out by a volleyball and acquires magical powers. Jaine's friend Kandi, formerly an animation writer for the hit cartoon Beanie and...
This Pen For Hire
Kensington, Jun 2002, 22.00, 203 pp. ISBN: 0578201583 Her almost namesake (mom could not spell) is probably turning over in her grave with the type of writings that freelance ad author Jaine Austen flushes from the deepest bowls of her mind. Industrial strength toilets not romances are Jaine's typical ballads. So when nerd Howard Murdoch hires her to write a love letter to aerobics instructor Stacy Lawrence, Jaine feels this is her chance a...