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After I'm Gone: A Novel
Roberto "Sandy" Sanchez, a retired Baltimore police detective, has returned to investigative work after suffering the death of his wife and as well as a failed business. As a contract worker rather than a member of the police force, he investigates cold cases. He is intrigued by the case of Felix Brewer, who disappeared in the 1970s, while under police investigation for running illegal businesses. Exactly ten years after Brewer's disappearance, his mistr...
By A Spider's Thread
Morrow, July 2004, 24.95, 368 pp. ISBN 00605066695 Baltimore private detective Tess Monaghan is overjoyed when she lands a wealthy client for her fledging business which is usually in need of survival funds. Mark Rubin, a modern orthodox Jew, wants Tess to find his wife and three children who disappeared without a word or a trace. Their disappearance comes as a shock to the grieving man who believes he had the perfect marriage and his wife Nata...
Every Secret Thing
Morrow, Sep 2003, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0060506679 In Baltimore, fifth graders Alice Manning and Ronnie Fuller were sent home after the latter had misbehaved at a classmate's birthday party. Walking together, they come across a baby carriage with no adult apparently nearby. Ronnie insists “we have to take care of this baby”, but Alice has doubts feeling they are too young. Later the adults question Alice as to the word accented and emphasized b...
In A Strange City
Morrow, Sept 2001, 24.00, 368 pp. ISBN: 0380978180 Nobody loves and appreciates Baltimore more than Tess Monahan, who has seen the city's seamier side and still thinks it is a beautiful place. The former reporter turned private detective would not think of living anywhere else as her roots go deep into the city's soul. Every night on January 19th, the visitor comes to Poe's grave, leaving behind a glass of cognac and roses on his fina...

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