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Babies and Badges
Before meeting Cassie Tremont, Sheriff Noah Wheeler couldn't even think the word marriage, but after assisting the young widower in delivering her twin babies in a car by the side of the road, marriage was all he could seem to think about. However, after a rough marriage and hard divorce and dating seventeen local women, who started a support group after having dated and dumped him, Noah thinks he's all wrong for Cassie. Still he can't help falling for ...
Kissing Frogs
Love Spell, Jan 2004 ISBN: 0505525682 Scientists realize that frogs are the perfect barometer of the health of the environment for if the species has hearty skin, the quality of the surroundings is safe; on the other hand sickly frogs mean a deadly environs. Cotswold boarding school teacher Lucy Gordon knows she has come along way from her hometown of Springdale, Alabama to instruct the aristocracy in the equivalent of fifth grade biology. Howe...