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Heart of the Condor
Jove, Jul 2002 ISBN: 0515133353 In 1692, Gabriel “El Condor” Cristobel de Espinosa y Ramirez takes a leave of absence from fighting for New Spain against the French and English to find his sister and her new husband though his sibling does not want to see him as he once incarcerated her husband. Though he has a price on his head among his enemies Condor does what he thinks is right anyway and sets sail for Martinique. Instead of his sister, C...
Night Shadow
Jove, Sep 2001, 5.99, 343 pp. ISBN: 0515131555 In 1691 Captain Marcus Ryan Drake follows in the footsteps of his father and brother by looting Spanish ships sailing the Caribbean. Surprisingly, though the sea is in his blood, Marcus hates the water and dreams of becoming a planter. However, before he can fulfill his desires, Marcus must discharge an obligation by destroying El Condor, the man who killed his brother. Though captured by...
Wicked Lies
Jove, Nov 2002, 5.99, 320 pp. ISBN: 0515134031 In 1772 Virginia British Sea Captain Julian Lambert learns that someone murdered his half brother Patrick. As he admires the gravestone carved from expensive marble, Julian knows that an unknown person paid a lot of money for this “tribute”. He orders his solicitor to find him a name even if it means spending the money earned selling his cargo of muskets. Julian tells the solicitor to toss around t...