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Diary of A Mad Bride
29 year old Amy Thomas is happily dating computer programmer Stephen and dealing with the bridezilla antics of her best friend Mandy when Stephen unexpectedly pops the question. Amy, who has always been the poster child for the single life, is floored by the proposal, which happens while they are on line at the concession stand at a movie theater. Amy happily and tearily accepts Stephen's proposal. With the help of Mandy, Amy creates a 70 point Things...
Diary of a Mad Mom to Be
Amy Thomas-Stewart is a 30-something newly married writer in New York City. After her last job evaporates due to the magazine folding, she is left on unemployment in a cramped apartment with her husband (and her sister living on her couch!) Always focusing on her job, Amy suddenly hears her biological clock ticking and decides she MUST have a baby NOW! After much persuading, her husband consents. In the meantime, Amy finds herself gainfully employed agai...