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Killer Looks
Silver Dagger, Dec 2002, 23.95, 201 pp. ISBN 15707220x After finishing her assignment in Indiana, Kate Kelly decides to take a mini-vacation and visit her family in Williamsburg, Va. After renting a car in Richmond, she is driving towards home when someone hits her from behind and she runs into a tree. She wakes up in the hospital and is questioned by the Sheriff who wants to know why she was carrying so much money in the trunk of her car. Kate...
Otherwise Engaged
Reporter Kate Kelly just knows that she is making a mistake when she agrees to pose as the fiancee of a high school friend of her brother's for a big party at his families horse ranch in Kentucky. But she figures, what could it hurt? Here is the chance to spend a weekend in luxurious surroundings, hobnobing with the beautiful people. But when, shortly after arrival, a car explodes and a body is found in it, she begins to realize that this may not be t...