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This story is about two people who fall in love and beat all odds to be with one another. Fury is New Species. New Species are human whose DNA have been genetically altered with either canine, large cat, or primate DNA. New Species were locked in cages and experimented on by Mercile, a pharmaceutical company who had been developing drugs for the government. Some New Species were freed and have been given a compound called Homeland, where they can live ...
Slade and Trisha flee through the woods from some anti-New Species group, falling in love in the process. Slade is a New Species. New Species are humans who have DNA that has been mixed with canine, large cat, or primate DNA. Slade is a New Species Officer at Homeland, the compound where New Species live. Dr. Trisha Norbit is a Doctor for New Species at Homeland. She took the job after she met Slade when he was first freed from Mercile. Mercile is...