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Lauren Beukes Message Board 1/1/2012
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The Shining Girls
A time traveling serial killer is hunted by the girl who got away from him. Kirby is a young woman whose promising life was derailed by a brutal knife attack in 1989 that nearly killed her. She was so badly injured some of the papers mistakenly reported her as dead. She only survived because her dog lunged at the killer and he lost his knife while stabbing the dog. A few years later, in 1993 her killer has still not been caught, and when the police case ...
Zoo City
A small time private investigator agrees to find a missing person but finds herself dragged into a serial murder case instead. Zinzi December lives in Johannesburg, in the neighborhood known as Zoo City. She is recovering addict who is trying to pay off a large debt to her old drug dealer. In the world of the book a strange plague in the 1980s lead to the rise of a phenomenon known as ‘animalling'. Anyone who is guilty of a grave crime suddenly finds ...