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Fever - The Chemical Garden 2
This is the second novel in the series. In the first novel, Wither, we met Rhine and Gabriel. They live in a society where females die at the age of 20, and men at the age of 25. Rhine is captured and sold as a bride to a rich young man by his scheming father, Housmaster Vaughn. Gabriel is a servant in the mansion where she is brought. They escape together in the first novel. In the second installment of The Chemical Garden trilogy, we join Rhine and ...
Wither - The Chemical Garden 1
The story begins with Rhine, a girl, being kidnapped to become a bride. We are introduced to the near future on Earth, where scientists have developed a cure for most diseases found on our planet. As people took this cure, they were happy and healthy and had children. Unfortunately, an unknown virus happened because of this treatment - all of their children would only live to see 20 years for females, and 25 for males. Because of this, the world is split...