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Don't Even Think About It
Downtown, Nov 2004, 13.00, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743464699 Jude believes that her best friend Sally has never gotten over her break up with a womanizer named Michael. Ironically, Sally and Michael remain best friends, but she loves talking about his bimbo of the month. The current entry is a Brit in New York named Katie. Katie immediately detests Sally whom she sees as a rival for Michael's affection. Meanwhile Jude concludes that Michael has not ...
Freeze My Margarita
This book begins with Samantha Jones going out for a drink with a friend and bumping into an old college classmate. He ends up dragging her into a reproduction of A Midsummer Night's Dream. She finds dead people, beats up bad-guys, and is generally very funny....
My Lurid Past
Juliet, the main character, is struggling with sex/romance/commitment. She's finding it impossible to continue having meaningless sex, much to her horror. Her friends think that she's sick of sleeping around and actually would like a relationship, the very thought of which gives her the shivers. Her two best friends are at opposite ends of the spectrum. There is Mel, the Dominatrix, who maintains the upper hand in her relationships, as well as a cool...