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Midnight Satin
Leisure, Nov 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 0843954574 With the War Between the States over, weary Confederate Captain Jake Taylor returns to his Texas home, looking forward to starting anew away from the violence. On a trip to San Antonio, Indians attack him, leaving Jake for dead. While lying in dirt, he looks up to see someone peering down at him. With the American Civil War over, the German Mueller family crossed the ocean hoping to leave behind a sc...
Midnight Silk
Leisure, Jul 2003, 5.99, 331 pp. ISBN: 0843951680 Growing up on a Texas plantation, the son of the overseer Bowie Beckett loved the owner's daughter Maria Taylor. However, though she followed him around the spread, he knew she was out of reach. During the Civil War Bowie runs the northern blockade that enables him to bring cotton to the market and in turn finance the Confederacy. His father feels Bowie is a coward for not joining the militar...