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Memories begins the Firehouse Family series in 1932 with Jake McCann's appointment as fire chief in the small town of Woodhill, Ohio. Until Jake's arrival in Woodhill, Laura Darvey's life has been fairly predictable; she is 31, married, a nurse and horse breeder. Upon Jake's arrival, her life changes when she learns of Jake's interest in horses. Their lives change drastically when they fall in love and Laura's husband, racketeer Dan Darvey, seeks reven...
The Farm Fires
A palomino horse brings Glynis Hampton, daughter of dairy farmer Ben Barneshill, into a chance meeting with Woodhill Fire Department Captain Freddy Pratter at the scene of the horse-owner's death. Freddy falls in love with Glynis even as his investigation leads him to suspect a member of her family could be the serial arsonist who has killed twice and could kill again in his thirst for revenge....
The Quarry
The Quarry introduces Maudie Hegerty, whose son, Boris, is foreman of the local quarry. Boris is not only facing the threat of labor problems, he is trying to come to terms with the colon cancer that is killing his mother and his growing love for his mother's doctor, Jessica Malloy. In the course of her work, Jess befriends Woodhill Fire Department first-aid officer Eli Sheffler, who becomes her steadfast friend through events that threaten everything ...