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Constable's Apprehension
Five Star, Nov 2003, 26.95, 408 pp. ISBN: 0786253347 Jinx Porter has returned as the Tarrant County constable following the resignation of his former girlfriend Raven. However, his second coming is not quite as pleasant as his first sixteen year term ago. Deputy Ivy did everything wrong as the team went to arrest Newton Marble Eye. Instead the felon escapes but not before he shoots Jinx. Jinx resides in the hospital with his roommate being ...
The Lady Godiva Murder
Five Star, Dec 2002, 25.95 ISBN: 0786248270 The Fort Worth police arrest detective Roby Tyson for the murder of rookie cop Carri Crane, as the circumstantial evidence at the boarded up rooming house is overwhelming. Roby swears to his partner Cezanne Martin that he is innocent, but admits he had sex with the victim the night before. He pleads with Cezanne to defend him as her first client since she just passed the bar. Reluctantly she agrees t...
The Wild Orchid Society
Five Star, May 2004, 25.95 ISBN: 1410401898 Having solved the LADY GODIVA MURDER does not liberate Cezanne Martin from being treated poorly because of her affair with a married peer. Instead Cezanne is further punished by her relative Deputy Chief Daniel Rosen who announces at a press conference that she is the temporary head of homicide. Rosen informs the media that Cezanne will head up the newly formed Cold Case Squad and promises to solve th...