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Dragon Society
Dragon Society picks up where Dragon Weather left off with Arlian returning to Manfort after hunting down and slaying Lord Enziet/dragon he became. It's on the journey back to the city that Arlian decides that his conflict with the two surviving lords that he has sworn revenge on, Lord Belly and Nail is no longer important and he decides to focus all of his energy on destroying the dragons. Upon arrival at the city he learns that he is Enziet's heir and...
Dragon Venom
Tor, Oct 2003, 25.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0765302799 Arlian was the only survivor of the dragon assault on his village, but during his escape he was captured and sold as a slave. Escaping, he swallowed a mix of human blood and deadly dragon venom that turned him into an almost invincible hybrid dragon-human. However, the curse of his transformation is that he constantly will turn less human until the day he dies. Arlian wants revenge on those who ...
Dragon Weather
Arlian is the only surviving member of his community in the Smoking Mountains that survives a dragon attack. In the attack he swallows some of the dragon's venoem mixted with his grandfather's blood and we later learn that this will make him a Dragon Heart, a human that has a extremely long lifespan that can quickly heal from most injuries. At the time this isn't apparant because a lord calling himself Lord Dragon comes and sells him to a mine to work a...
Ithanalin's Restoration
Tor, Dec 2002, 24.95, 269 pp. ISBN: 0765300125 In Ethshar of the Rocks, apprentice wizard Kilisha returns to the shop after collecting ingredients for her next lesson when she realizes a disaster has occurred. The shell of her mentor Ithanalin the Wise lies perfectly still as if he has been turned into a statue. Using a magic mirror that absorbed much of Ithanalin's memory she learns what happened to her teacher. He was working on a spell when...

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Lure of the Basilisk
Garth, an Overman of the Far North, is directed by an oracle to the town of Skelleth to speak with the Forgotten King, a decrepit, ancient wizard, who can help him achieve his desire for eternal fame. The king tells Garth that to win fame, he must capture and show to the Forgotten King the first living thing he finds in the crypts of Mormoreth. Garth journeys to Mormoreth on his warbeast Koros, and on the way there is waylaid by bandits, who he defea...

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