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Death of a Nightingale (Nina Borg #3)
This story is about a Ukrainian woman that runs away from her past and moves to Denmark. Natasha Doroshenko is a young Ukrainian immigrant. She has a daughter named Katerina. Natasha attempted to kill her Danish fiance and ended up in a Danish prison. Her daughter remained in the Coal House Camp a place where illegal immigrants were placed until they were integrated into Danish society or until they were deported. Nina Borg works at the camp and she look...
Invisible Murder (Nina Borg #2)
The story is about a Hungarian Roma boy who steals a weapon that contains radioactive material an smuggles it into Denmark. Tamas and Pitkin are two teenage Roma boys living in Hungary. One day, when they were out scavenging for materials in a dismantled military hospital they found some sort of interesting weapon and they decided to sell in on the internet. Tamas goes to his half-brother Sandor who is a law student and he uses his computer to find a buy...
The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg #1)
This story is about a Danish nurse who found a three year old boy in a suitcase. Nina Borg is a nurse and a social worker. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their two children. She is obsessed with her work and she feels that it is her duty to care for the illegal immigrants who are coming to Denmark every year in the quest for a better life but end up being abused and mistreated. One day, Nina's friend, Karin, tells her to go to the train...