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Azucena is a poor village girl who sneaks out of the house to go to the rodeo, where she has her heart stolen by a macho bull-rider who takes her with him to his village, where they copulate passionately until he eventually rejects her, by means of increasingly violence. When he breaks a ceramic pot over her head, deeply wounding her, she is distraught in blinded anguish and leaves him for the city. Working as a waitress, she attracts a well-o...
Zenaida is a poor village girl in Mexico who kisses her boyfriend good-bye and heads out to the United States with her brother. After a harrowing border-crossing experience, she ends up working as a maid for a pair of neurotic love-starved sisters in the rich suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Zenaida loyally goes about her work in the luxurious suburban house as the sisters hold conversations about fishing for love on the internet She understands a little Eng...