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Fade to Clear
Dunne, May 2004, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0312308450 Two years ago, then San Jose Sentinel reporter Linda Maldonado worked with private investigator Allen Choice on a case (see UNDERKILL). They became lovers, but eventually she ended their romance without explanation. Saddened he moved on professionally and personally. Linda comes to Oakland where Allen is a partner in Baxter & Choice, a private investigation firm because her niece has been abdu...
Allen Choice, Korean American investigator, is on a case that proves to be a transformative personal journey. Here Allen follows Linda down to Los Angeles and into the unfamiliar underworld of illegal raves and small-time drug dealers. He uncovers the details of her brother's unexpected and suspicious death, hoping to repair their deteriorating relationship and aiding her as she once helped him....