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Father's Day Murder
Kensington, June 2003, 22.00, 240 pp. ISBN 1575668343 Tinker's Cove is a small Maine hamlet that has a very well established and well written newspaper the Pennysaver that has just been named “Community Newspaper of the Year” in Category five by the Trask Trust for Journalism in the Public Interest”. The trust issues grants to the publisher Ted Stilling and investigate reporter Lucy Stone to attend the Northeast Newspaper Association conference...
Star Spangled Murder
Kensington, June 2004, 22.00, 240 pp. ISBN 157566836x While Tinker's Cove, Maine is in an uproar, Lucy Stone, a reporter for the weekly Pennysaver, is worried about her family, her dog and the schism in the town. Lucy's canine Kudo keeps escaping from his pen no matter what she tries to keep him home. Her neighbor Pru Pratt want the dog put down because he keeps killing her chickens. To make matters worse their sons lobster fisherman Toby Ston...