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Death of a PTA Goddess
Patty Birch is the perfect president of the Carlton Central School PTA. She is also a perfect mom and perfect homemaker. Somebody, however, feels that Perfect Patty has a flaw and murders her. Molly Masters, mother, greeting card writer, vice-president of the PTA, and amateur sleuth, sets out to find the murderer in this cozy and sometimes humorous mystery....
Give The Dog A Bone
Fawcett, April 2002, 6.99, 240 pp. ISBN 0449007200 Dog psychologist Allie Babcock practices in Boulder Colorado, a city that is very tolerant of unusual professions. People are so willing to have Allie help their pets behave properly and responsibly that her business is actually making a profit. She insists on working with the owners and their animals which is why her results are so spectacular. Her latest case involves Ken Culberso...