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The Husband's Secret
Cecilia finds a letter that her husband wrote and wanted her to read in the event that he died. Although he is still alive, Cecilia is tempted to sink her teeth into it anyway, unaware of the possible consequences his words could have for their lives. There are three women whose stories are linked by the secret in the letter: Cecilia, Tess, and Rachel. Cecilia, mother of three who describes herself as a 'school mum and part-time Tupperware consul...
The Hypnotist's Love Story
Hypnotherapist Ellen is trying to make her relationship with Patrick work in spite of the difficulties of him being widowed, possibly still loving his deceased wife, and having a stalker who books an appointment with Ellen under a fake identity so she can get closer to them. Ellen is a hypnotherapist who thinks her boyfriend, Patrick, is about to break up with her when he tells her that he needs to speak to her about something. However, the news is that ...
The Last Anniversary
Sophie Honeywell is floored when her ex boyfriend, Thomas Doughty, informs her that his recently deceased Aunt Connie has left Sophie her house in her will. Sophie is shocked for more than one reason. She wasn't particularly close to Aunt Connie, only having met her on two occasions. Second, Sophie broke Thomas' heart right before he was about to pop the question in a romantic, over the top setting. Although Sophie doesn't have second thoughts about du...