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A Great and Terrible Beauty (Science Fiction)
Gemma Doyle is a sixteen-year-old British girl living in India with her mother and father. The tension and nerves that have been building up come to a surface during the first chapter of the book, and Gemma and her mother get into a huge argument because Gemma wants to go back to England and her mother wants her to stay in India. They promptly run into a young boy Gemma's age and an older man, and something he says to Gemma's mother throws her into a sta...
A Great and Terrible Beauty (Literature)
Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl, lived with her mother and father in India. After her mother is murdered by some mysterious evil being, Gemma is sent to a finishing school in London. While there, she meets several other girls, all of whom have problems of their own. Most of the girls deal with their own internal pain by not showing it to anyone, and by emotionally tormenting those girls who are weaker than themselves. In spite of this charged atmosphe...
Rebel Angels
"Rebel Angels" is one of the best books I have ever read. It is the sequel to "A Great and Terrible Beauty." This book is about a girl, Gemma Doyle, growing up during the Victorian Age. She attends Spence Academy with her two friends:Felicity (strong, and opiniated), and Ann (quiet, and not very confident). They had another friend, Pippa, who died in the first book. They are all haunted with guilt because of her death, Gemma especially. Gemma isn't l...
The Diviners
Evie O'Neill is a flapper in the year 1926, who just happens to have the ability to hold objects and find out the secrets of the people who own them. When one such "reading" goes awry, Evie finds herself shipped from her home in Ohio to the bustling streets of New York City to stay with her uncle in his occult museum. It's meant to be a punishment, but Evie couldn't be more ecstatic. In New York she meets a diverse cast of characters, many of whom may or...

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