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Cold Case
In Cold Case, Linda Barnes' cab driver/private investigator delves into the puzzling disappearance of a teenage prodigy who wrote a stunning novel during the 60s. Although a man is in prision for the author's murder, Carlotta has a manuscript that the woman's family believes was written recently. ...
Deep Pockets
Picking up an unspecified short time after events in “The Big Dig” Private Investigator Carlotta Carlyle has a sense that someone is watching her as she runs errands. She soon spots him and he isn't very good at tailing her. She eventually confronts the man who isn't very good at hiring a private investigator either. What the middle aged black man is good at is being a professor at nearby Harvard University. Dr. Wilson Chaney has a major problem. He r...
The Big Dig
St. Martin's, Oct 2002, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0312282702 Once is finished the highway system congestion in Boston and the surrounding areas should ease up considerably. Estimated at two billion dollars, the cost is now at fourteen billion with no end in sight. Private detective Carlotta Carlyle is hired to go undercover and look into allegations of fraud, but she comes up with nothing to show for her fee. In fact, she is fired from the last sit...