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The Apple Orchard
Jake Templeton is a successful cardiologist in Boston during the week and returns home to his daughter Stacey and his family's apple orchard in the countryside on the weekends. Jake's beloved wife died two years before in an accident that left his life shattered and his daughter emotionally scarred. More than anything, Jake wants to see Stacey happy again. He's tried everything—including child psychologists—but no one seems able to help Stacey reach b...
The House on the Beach
It didn't take Laura McCloud long to feel at home in Pilgrim Cove after she rented Sea View House. What could be better than having the Atlantic Ocean as her closest neighbor? After her mother's death and her own bout with breast cancer, Laura needs time to herself—time to think and figure out how to get her life and career back together. Meeting a new man is the furthest thing from her mind. What she doesn't anticipate is Matt Parker. Matt is immed...
The Inn at Oak Creek
When a near-fatal accident ends Molly Porter's skiing career, she picks herself up again, obtains a degree in hotel management, and starts a new life as assistant manager at the Bluebonnet Hotel in the Texas town of Oak Creek. But when the Bluebonnet's owner dies of a sudden heart attack and his nephew arrives with plans to sell, Molly's life is again thrown into turmoil. Sam Kincaid can't seem to catch a break. His companies are bankrupt, his girlf...