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Life Switch
This is a fast-paced action thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end. A beautiful seductress, Gena Cupel, Madam of a New Orleans's bordello claims to be the renowned geneticist, Dr. Mildred Gant, who had vanished five years before. Is she the once, plain Jane, spinster scientist who had discovered the ultimate biological cure for human disease? If so, why did she mysteriously disappear at the time she was about to present her brilliant medic...
Sovereign Women
They were five young and uneducated single mothers bringing up their children on state welfare. Living in a city slum while trying desperately to survive through the endless poverty, violence, substance and sexual abuse. But, it is not until an unusual and unexpected opportunity brings them to Nebraska and an elderly farm woman, Emma Tucson, which their incredible journey from poverty to sovereignty begins. Emma, desperate to hold onto her land afte...