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Tor, May 2003, 26.95, 464 pp. ISBN: 0312877218 Ten year old Jubilee lives with her parents and her brother Jolly in the remote outpost Temple Huacho located in the isolated wild of Kavasphir Hills, a place known for the frequency of the killing silver floods that terraforms the landscape with each new deluge. The family “owns” metabolic machines to keep them safe from the deadly quick flow of the silver. However, that fails when the silver clai...
Linda Nagata's fiction is rich, full, and complicated. It is highly to her credit that she can pack a book as densely as she does and still keep it readable. Of course, this makes the plot almost impossible to describe - suffice to say, four people, part of the tattered remnants of humanity, go in search of the Chenzeme - an alien race 30 million years gone, who nonetheless are the killers of the human race. ...