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Wings Press, July 2002, 165 pp. ISBN 1590889045 Wade and his two friends are camping in The Sanrtiam Wilderness when they are attacked by three vampires. His two companions are killed but Cassandra the leader of the vampires has Wade taken to their lair where she makes him her sex slave. Her actual intention is to turn him into a vampire but he breaks her hold on him Donavan, a very strong vampire, is a psychiatrist who treats humans and vam...
The Eyes of Truth
The oriental kingdom of Naj is a violent, mountainous land, prone to earthquakes, ruled by the descendents of the God Insu, each with the ability to tell when someone is lying. It is a land where the spirits of the newly deceased return to roam the streets during the festival of Ram-sho, where soothsayers conjure up elmentals, and where watch dragons bugle warnings of impending disaster. If you could always tell when someone is lying, you would think it ...