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Stella Gold, a teacher from Scottsboro, Pennsylvania, can't remember a time when she wasn't best friends with Emily Martin. Friends since junior high, Stella and Emily's friendship has survived college, continents, death and betrayal. Stella's life changed forever when her 17 year old older sister Blanche committed suicide in her parent's bathroom by slitting her wrists. That same evening Emily, Stella and Blanche were having a sleepover party and rev...
Losing it
Red Dress, Oct 2003, 12.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0373250371 Thirty-two years old Diana Christopher hates how she looks as a size sixteen and detests her job as the fat waitress butt of jokes. She would loathe her sex life, but that has been non-existent for fifteen years since she lost her cherry in the back of Barry's pick-up truck. Now she has good news as she has a tumor that will allow her to join daddy who died over two decades ago in a car crash...