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Bad Guys
Zack Walker is a semi-successful (accent on the semi) science fiction writer whose primary vocation is reporting for The Metropolitan. He has a wife who happens to be his boss at the newspaper, a teenage son and daughter who are for the most part ungrateful and unappreciative, and a collection of Star Trek models that are his pride and joy. If Walker seems familiar, he should be, even if you did not read BAD MOVE, Linwood Barclay's debut novel; Walker, o...
Bad Move
Bantam, June 2004, 22.00, 310 pp. ISBN 0553803859 The Walker family used to live downtown. However, when used condoms and needles were found on the street and a five year old girl was killed and cut up and put in the refrigerator, Zack decided it was time to move to the suburbs, where his family would be safe. Zack obsesses over his family's safety and he goes to extraordinary lengths to teach his loved one how to remain out of harm's way, whic...