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Angel Fire
When Lydia was 15, she found her mother murdered and it has affected her lifestyle ever since. She became a true-crime writer as well as a freelance investigator working for the man who solved the crime. She and Jeffrey have remained close since he worked her mother's case, and he joins her at her retreat when she calls to tell him about some missing people in the small town of Angel Fire. Together, they search for clues to link the disappearances and...
The Darkness Gathers
St. Martin's, April 2003, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0312283598 True crime writer Lydia Strong has won a Pulitzer Prize, but is most proud of her reputation as a supporter of the underdog. Following an author tour, she receives a tape from someone named Tatiana and a letter from an anonymous person asking Lydia to come to Miami to help Tatiana and “all the other girls in need of rescue”. Lydia's sixth sense tells her this is no hoax and an Internet se...
The third in Miscione's series starring true crime novelist Lydia Strong and her lover, former FBI agent Jeffrey Mark, Twice opens with the gory death of an artist's husband. Unfortunately for Jordan, this is the second of her husbands to die in just such a way. Her mother hires Jeffrey and Lydia's company to look into the death, but the further they dig, the more questions they find. Death runs in Jordan's family, and a trip to her ancestral home onl...