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Tending Roses
Grandma is slowly going downhill and after leaving the iron on and setting fire in the house the family has decided to put her in a nursing home. Kate and her husband are 'chosen by the family' to be the ones to watch over Grandma until everyone can get there for Christmas and arrangements can be made. Kate is on maternity leave and her husband Ben can work from the farm house. As Kate gets to know her Grandmother all over again in the 3 weeks she...
Texas Cooking
Collen Collins finds herself in a freelance assignment were she is writing a series of articles on food and culture. She travels to San Saline, Texas and meets 'True the Tractor Man' when he comes to rescues her when she gets stranded in the middle of nowhere without gas. She and True fall in love after becoming acquainted in the small town that Collen has also fallen in love with. She is a big city girl and he's a small country boy so of course things g...