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Between Darkness and Light - Sholan Alliance 7
Kusac, a 'feline-like' sholan, has to cope with the loss of his special telepathic link to Carrie, a human, as well as hide the fact that the sholan kit he's trying to rescue from the Valtegan General, Kezule, is his son. Kezule, meanwhile, needs Kusac's grudging help to whip his fledgling colony into the general's idea of an ideal Valtegan society. Valtegan's and Sholans are normally enemies, so this alliance is fraught with problems. Then there's the ...
Turning Point - Sholan Alliance 1
Colonization of a new planet is ended by the invasion of an alien soldiers. Carrie has a telepathic link with her twin sister and is near death when her sister is killed by these aliens. She is saved by linking with a different alien. The book tells how she fights to free her planet and to explore her telepathic link with the cat-like alien....