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Captive Hearts
Morgan Fontinara, crown prince of Bellariss, one of the last free planets in the universe, was finally ready to start the rebellion. All of his allies were in place and the destruction of the hated Jotnar Alliance, which had enslaved most of the galaxy, was about to begin - when Morgan was betrayed. Captured by the Jotnar, tortured, humiliated and threatened, Morgan still refused to give the Jotnar information about the Bellariss security system and allo...
Real Magic
Jelena was stunned when she found her new nevash (ward) in a backwater planet in the middle of nowhere. There had to be some mistake! There was no way that Drake 'The Magician' Durand, infamous assassin and head of the ruthless assassin's guild, could deserve the protection of the Gods. Jelena was a Nar'gadesh, however, descended from the ancient lines of the Nar'galia, a people who had descended into myth and legend centuries ago and was determined to s...