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China Garden
Clare come to Ravensmere with her mother, only to stay for a little while. But it holds her back and she discovers she and Mark, an attractive biker, are the only hope to save it from destruction. ...
Easy Connections
Cathy is a young 17-year-old girl who has just finished school and is going to art college. She is determined to be a famous artist. One day in summer, while painting in a field, she is seen by two famous rock stars - Dev and Chris, who both desire her. Cathy is scared of both of them but is pressured into staying at their mansion by her policeman brother, who wants to keep the two wealthy millionaire rock stars in a good mood. As the evening progresses...
Easy Freedom
This is the second part of the Easy Connections series. Cathy is faced with pregnancy marries Dev. Is the triangle now complete? Dev, Chris and sweet baby Cathy. Can Dev break through the wall of resentment that Cathy has built? Can anyone stop the loving from coming? Cathy gives up college and resides in Dev's country house, where it all began. With so much hate, with love and life have a chance?...
Mel Calder and her mother live in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in London. After her mother has another mental breakdown and is sent to a hospital, Mel is left to fend for herself. As an art student, she decides to renovate her old house in time for her mother's return. When shopping at a junk furniture shop, she meets Mitch Hamilton who is a rock star. A romance ensues as Mel is working on her home, her neighborhood, and herself....

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The China Garden
Clare moves with her mother from London to an historic English estate called Ravensmere in the countryside. There, it seems the village residents already know who Clare is, yet Clare has never been there before. She also falls in love with Mark, a maddeningly attractive biker. When she discovers the secrets of Ravensmere and realizes her own importance to the place, will she risk her and Mark's future to save it?...

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