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A Woman Of Virtue
Cecilia Markham-Sands Lorimer (later Countess of Walrafen) met David, Lord Delacourt under almost unpleasant circumstances. Namely he was drunk coming into the stables and thought she was a loose woman. Since she disliked him, Reverand Mr. Cole Amherst suggested she pretend to be engaged to Delacourt and later jilt him, which happened. Several years later, Cecilia is patroness of a charity mission and Inspector Maximillian de Rohan comes with news that...
Beauty Like The Night
Sonnet, Nov 2000, 6.50, 419 pp. ISBN: 0743410548 Viscount Treyhorn, Grayson Rutledge, knows it will take a lifetime or more to overcome his now deceased father's wicked ways. Even in death, Grayson's sire managed to cause a scandal after being found with the governess. Still, Grayson's biggest concern is the well being of his six-year old daughter, Ariane, suffering from the trauma of her mother's death. She is now unable to speak. To tha...